tree management software on PCs with web data transfer delivers live tree survey interaction - securely

The ArborSite screen interface

The ArborSite screen interface at a glance

1. Aerial image of site

Each site's image is georeferenced pixel by pixel so if you drag a tree icon, GPS coordinates chnage to the new location.

2. Tree icons

Trees are displayed by coloured icons on the site's aerial image in their GPS locations. Right click on the icons to view pop-up assessment data, work orders, links or comments on the tree.

3. Zoom or fill screen

The zoom feature allows users to zoom into the site's hi-res image and back out or click "fill" button to see the entire site.

4. Search engine

Typing numbers, species or key words displays trees corresponding to the search. "Show All" returns all trees.

5. New tree

The "New Tree" button allows users with arborist or manager privileges to add a tree. Assess it immediately or later whilst on-site.

6. Report engine

ArborSite's report engine delivers live reports on treescapes in a variety of forms via a suite of drop-down selections.

7. Your logo

Upon site set up each ArborSite can display your logo on screen and on all reports for both users and viewers.

8. Software admin

Key users click on "Admin" button to add users to one or more of their sites, set user access privileges or remove access. They can add sites, logos, update aerial images and more.

How ArborSite works

1. Arborist tree data collection

Certified arborists collect over 30 fields of data on each tree including species, GIS location, risk status, works required, budget and more. They then upload assessments onto their ArborSite via our web server for clients to view. They can also transfer assessments back to field devices for on-site reviews at later dates.

2. ArborSite's web pathway

The ArborSite system is unique. Each of your ArborSites is a separate data base which lives within our softwate on your PCs and is secured by site codes and user passwords. Our web server simply transfers your sites and revisions to other users you nominate.

3. Site owner/manager access

The owners and managers of the treescape (inc. the arborist/s) access their ArborSites on their PCs via the ArborSite software which uploads their individual site data set from the server upon connection. This ensures the latest tree data is displayed. They view, print, email and/or revise data, reports and tree work orders depending on their access privileges.

The benefits of ArborSite and ease of use will ensure client satisfaction and raise the profiel of your business amongst the most valued client segments - those who need or would love interactive tree management.

4. Site worker in-field access

Workers can view and action tasks, notes, work requests and details via mini PCs or mobile devices with the software installed. ArborSite has the benefit of users being able to work on-site without web access, then update the server's tree data later via a host PC or direct internet connection.