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Brief overview movie

The movie link to the left shows a very brief overview to the ArborSite user interface. Download or view the movie.

More detailed presentation files on specific aspects of the tree software are available for download as outlined below.

Detailed user guides

The Powerpoint Show downloads below left show detailed guides to various user aspects of ArborSite and how the user works with different aspects of the tree software.

These are in PowerPoint form but can also be downloaded as pdf files by clicking on the underscored links under each of the presentation screen icons.

1. Familiarise Yourself with ArborSite, is a more detailed version of the movie above where you gain understanding of how the simple user interface works and its features.

2. Adding Trees to ArborSite, details the user process of adding trees to an ArborSite from both a site manager's and arborist's perspective. It also gives details on the tree assessment process, tree risk assessment, viewing and editing tree data, tree work orders and viewing history of tree actions.

3. Adding Sites and Administration, gives you a guide to how you can add new sites to your tree software, add users, user access and privileges, multiple site access, adding site images and editing your logo.

Familiarise Yourself with ArborSiteTree Survey in ArborSiteAdding Sites and AdministrationView this item as a PDFView this item as a PDFView this item as a PDF