About our UK Agent

ArborTrack Australasia Pty Ltd

Arbortrack Systems is the creator of the world's premium tree management software - ArborTrack.

ArborTrack has over 15 years experience in developing, supporting and selling high-end tree management software to Councils in both the UK and Europe. Our software facilitates the complex and increasingly important task of tree management and has the power and capacity to make the management of many thousands of trees easy and responsive to a Council’s needs and that of its stakeholders.

We are excited about this opportunity with ArborSite to offer our clients and the wider arboricultural industry in the UK and Europe an affordable tree management option for smaller treescapes. ArborSite offers users a simple tree software for tree surveying and interaction yet it has many powerful features necessary to manage the dynamic nature of our treed environments.

About the software company

ArborSafe Australia Pty Ltd

ArborSafe Australia Pty Ltd is a systems business specialising in maintenance management, occupational health and safety, and tree management systems.

We are based in Melbourne Australia and have a five year history as a national business with clients in the public, corporate and small to medium business sectors.

ArborSite is the product of extensive research and development from our director's 20 year association with the tree services industry. It is designed to assist facility owners and managers in the often difficult and specialised area of tree management - simply.

We look forward to assisting you in making the area of tree management simple and effective. Whether you are an arborist firm offering ArborSite to your customers, or you are a facility owner/manager wishing to establish an effective method for long-term tree management to meet your legal, evironmental, custodianship or maintenance needs - at a price your budget can afford.

ArborSafe currently offers its clients systems for:

  • Occuparional Health and Safety - ArborSafe OH&S.
  • Facility Maintenance - My Maintenance IT System.
  • A Managed Service System for Trees - ArborPlan.

These systems products are all highly respected in their fields with equally high levels of client satisfaction.

We welcome your suggestions and any feedback on our tree software or support and we look to incorporate improvements in the development of our business and upgrade paths of our products and services.